Special Populations

  • There are many additional services available to students to help them meet with success while enrolled in the Eastern Westmoreland Career and Technology Center. Services are available to students with disabilities through Ms. Dane Zimmer, Coordinator of Special Populations. These services include, but are not limited to:

    • Academic or vocational remedial assistance

    • Study skills

    • SAGE Assessment                               

    • Note taking assistance                                           

    • Individualized instruction

    • Goal setting                                                         

    • Aptitude testing

    • Written test assistance                                          

    • Organizational assistance

    • School-to-work transition                                      

    • Setting short-term goals

    • Counseling services                                    

    • Setting long-term goals

    • IEP planning                                                         

    • Interest inventories

    • Self-appraisals                                                      

    • Interviewing skills

     For the services listed above or additional services, contact Ms. Dane Zimmer at 724-539-9788 ext 346.