Vision & Mission

  • Mission

    To equip students with the knowledge and advanced technical skills necessary to excel in industry relevant careers and post-secondary education.



    Our school will...

    • Meet the needs of business and industry through advanced technical training and academic rigor.
    • Emphasize the need for students and staff to be active, lifelong learners.
    • Recognize the strengths and potential of each student to achieve higher standards.
    • Continually develop post-secondary, community, and business and industry partnerships.


    Our students will...

    • Graduate with a comprehensive career plan that includes post-secondary and career navigation skills.
    • Demonstrate sophisticated technical knowledge with real world application.
    • Be productive thinkers, problem solvers, and self-starters who demonstrate high level communication skills and a positive work ethic.
    • Commit to being responsible, productive citizens who make a meaningful difference in our community.
    • Succeed in both the workplace and post-secondary education which includes training and certificate programs and two year degree programs.


    Shared Values

    We believe...

    • The attainment of high levels of academic knowledge and technical skills are vital to student success.
    • Effective interpersonal skills are essential to all aspects of life.
    • It is our responsibility to provide opportunities, resources, and experiences to students and provide the support needed for success.
    • The responsibility for ensuring student success is shared by students, teachers and parents and actively supported by the business community and post-secondary institutions.