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    Each sending school and EWCTC maintains an active Student Assistance Program (SAP) designed to help students overcome problems related to chemical abuse, alcohol abuse, depression, and other such life-threatening issues.  If student behavior at the Career and Technology Center indicates that there is a problem, which may be related to any of these concerns, the student may be referred to the Student Assistance Team which is comprised of the director, principal, co-op coordinator, school counselor, special populations coordinator and teachers.  Referrals are made confidentially without accusation.  The purpose of the program is to determine if there is reasonable cause to assume the student’s problem(s) is/are related to these causes and to refer the student for assistance to overcome them.  All referrals are made in complete confidentiality.  Students who violate the Student Discipline Code related to chemical or alcohol abuse or violate the Attendance Policy will be referred to the Student Assistance Program.

    *For additional information, please refer to JOC Policy 236 on the school website.