• Academic Integration/Support
    EWCTC believes that academics and technology skills are an integral part of career success. Academics are introduced in the theory section of all CTC programs.  EWCTC instructors have received professional development training in M.A.X. Teaching strategies, the Collins Writing Program and Southern Regional Educational Board initiatives.  Our instructors network with other CTC instructors throughout the country, sending school teachers, industry representatives and post-secondary institutions to provide our students with a cutting edge education.  Implementing these practices into curriculums enhances the quality of instruction and maximizes students' academic and technical success.


    English Academics

    Penn College Now
    Penn College NOW is a free dual enrollment program which allows students to take college courses while in high school. 

    • 12th grade students are eligible to participate 
    • Courses are taught at the high school or career and technology center by Penn College-approved high school instructors using college-level curriculum 
    • Penn College is an affiliation of Penn State University

    To enroll in a Penn College NOW course, the student must pass the Penn College reading placement test to be administered at your school. Courses also require that students meet any pre- or co-requisites required for the individual course.

    Penn College NOW credits and course grades appear on a Penn College transcript and may be applied toward specific Penn College degrees or transferred to other postsecondary institutions. The extent to which the credits will transfer to another college or university is at the discretion of that college or university. 

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    General English 10-12
    English classes are available to those students requiring an English credit.  The English 10-12 curriculum mirrors what is offered at the sending districts as well as combining employability skills required of all students. 


    Keystone Exam Literature Support 
    In addition, Keystone Preparation Literature classes are available to assist and prepare students for the Keystone Exam. Students may also seek various academic assistance as needed.  

    Math Academic Support
    Co-taught integrated math lessons bridge technical math with academic math

    Keystone Preparation Math/Algebra classes are available to assist and prepare students for the Keystone Exam. 

     Also, tutoring sessions are available to any student requiring assistance in understanding math-related concepts.  These sessions can be tailored to meet students' needs.

    Skills Center Support
    There are many additional services available to students to help them meet with success while enrolled in the Eastern Westmoreland Career and Technology Center. Services are available to members of special populations through Ms. Dane Zimmer, Coordinator of Special Populations at 724-539-9788 ext 346. These services include, but are not limited to:


    • Academic / vocational remedial assistance


    • Study skills


    • SAGE Assessment


    • School-to-Work transition


    • Counseling Services


    • Setting short-term goals


    • Note taking assistance


    • Emotional support services


    • Individualized instruction


    • Setting long-term goals


    • Goal setting


    • IEP planning 


    • Aptitude testing


    • Interest inventories


    • Written test assistance


    • Self-appraisals   


    • Organizational assistance
    • Interviewing skills