Portfolio Overview


    At Eastern Westmoreland Career and Technology Center, we strive to help all students become highly-skilled, employable, successful, and literate.  To become employable and well-educated, students must practice and master the PA Communications standards for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.  All EWCTC students will build a multi-level Career Portfolio, under the direction of their teacher (advisor) with support from the Literacy Committee.  Then, each senior will present their Career Portfolio before a panel of evaluators by April 21.  Earning a passing score on the Portfolio is a requirement for a Certificate of Completion. Cooperative Education students must have an up-to-date portfolio prior to beginning co-op.


    The Career Portfolio is a compilation of student work requiring teamwork between the student, CTE teacher, academic teacher, and career counselor.  It contains documents that support your important qualities, skills, knowledge, and talents.  These documents are listed in the ‘Portfolio Components’ page. The student is responsible for the contents.  Teachers are responsible for assigning, guiding, encouraging, reviewing and scoring the Portfolio entries.  

    A Career Portfolio is never finished—it’s a work in progress, always undergoing change, improvements and updates.  Throughout your time at EWCTC and beyond, new items are continually added to a meaningful Portfolio.  The Portfolio is in a constant state of becoming more perfect—reflecting your current skills, talents, and unique qualities.


    The Career Portfolio can be a great self-marketing tool for five main reasons:

    1.      It draws attention to the key information you want to convey about yourself.

    2.      It provides personal examples that connect you with an employment opportunity.

    3.      It makes the key skills tangible.

    4.      It adds to your credibility. 

    5.      It builds confidence.