Cooperative Education Program

  • The Cooperative Education Program is for students enrolled in Grades 11 and 12 who have completed basic competencies and can be recommended by the CTC instructor for employment. Transportation to and from the work site is the responsibility of the student.  In addition to technical competencies, a student must possess the personal characteristics required by employers, such as dependability, good attendance, positive attitude, neat personal appearance, desire to learn, initiative, honesty and courtesy. In order to qualify for Cooperative Education a student must:

    • complete 90% of basic competencies on the task list at satisfactory level
    • maintain a 2.0 grade point average or higher at the home school and in the vocational program
    • have his/her portfolio up-to-date prior to beginning Cooperative Education
    • receive a satisfactory or excellent grade if the portfolio is completed
    • agree to participate in the NOCTI or other PDE approved test
    • demonstrate evidence of competence for the NOCTI exam
    • have teacher recommendation for Cooperative Education

    Personal qualities are crucial for successfully finding and keeping employment, even for students who possess technical skills.  Any exceptions with the respect to admission into the cooperative education program are at the discretion of the director. Students who violate the discipline policy may be removed from the Cooperative Education program.  Additional information concerning the Cooperative Education Program or assistance with job placement may be found by contacting Mrs. Lisa Newhouse, Cooperative Education Coordinator, (724) 539-9788 (Ext 308).